Historic Center of Ioannina

The tour of the sidewalks and galleries of the city, descending from the Clock to the lakeside rode, gives the visitor a unique combination of its traditional sounds with its modern rhythms. Taste an authentic Greek coffee on embers in the traditional cafes and one of the syrupy sweets of Ioannina in the local patisseries.

The cave of Perama

The cave of Perama is located at a distance of three kilometers from the city of Ioannina and has a length of about 830 meters and an area of ​​about 14400 sq.m. The cave was discovered by city dwellers who tried to find refuge from the bombing of Italian planes in 1940.

Castle of Ioannina

Explore the legends of the castle starting from its central arched gate. Take a tour of its traditional alleys surrounded by the imposing wall that lead to the inner Acropolis, Its Kale. There you will find the Fetiche Mosque, the Tomb of Ali Pasha and the Byzantine Museum, as well as the Silver and Goldsmith Exhibition Hall. The name Fetiche Mosque means Mosque of Conquest and was built in 1430 on the ruins of a Byzantine temple. Initially it was wooden, but then in 1611 it was rebuilt made of stone. It took its final form from Ali Pasha in 1795.

Ancient Dodoni

Ancient Dodoni, with its well-preserved ancient theater, which was built in the 3rd century BC., during the reign of King Pyrrhus, is located 22 km south of Ioannina. It is one of the largest surviving ancient theaters with a capacity of 18,000 spectators.

The island of Lake Pamvotida (island of Ioannina)

The island of Ioannina is one of the two inhabited lake islands in the country. At the island there is a small settlement and various monuments and sights, such as the last residence of Ali Pasha. It is an ideal destination for a day getaway from the city of Ioannina. You can access the island by boat starting from the pier.


Most of the museums of the city are worth visiting, including the Archaeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Museum of Silversmithing, the Museum of wax figures of Pavlos Vrellis, the Museum of Fotis Rapakousis etc.

Lakeside road

Starting from Molo, from where the boats depart for the Island, a semicircular walk starts between the calm waters of the lake and the imposing plane trees composing a magnificent landscape.

Silver jewelry art

It is also worth visiting one of the silverware and folk art shops that maintain the tradition of silverware in the city.

Megalo Papigo, Zagori – Astra Inn

And if the stars of the sky of Ioannina lead you to the enchanting Megalo Papigo we will be happy to host you in the traditional hostel and restaurant Astra Inn, an ideal destination for those who want to combine a relaxing stay with enjoyment, fun and unlimited activities offered in the area.

Theater of E.H.M. “Costas Frontzos”

Located on the hill of Agia Triada just a few minutes from the city center of Ioannina. It is a theater with a capacity of 3,500 people, a copy of the lower state of the theater of ancient Dodoni, built in the 60’s.

Strategically located …

The city is a starting point for excursions to the beautiful Zagorochoria (Mikro and Megalo Papigo, Aristi, Kapesovo, Kipi, Tsepelovo, Vikos etc), the picturesque villages of Tzoumerka (Kalarrytes, Pramanta, Syrrako, Agnanta etl). Green mountains, imposing gorges and impressive waterfalls are just a few of what you will see when visiting these areas. The enchanting landscape can reward any demanding visitor, who can tour most of the trails of the area, rafting in Voidomatis and Arachthos, taste the wonderful pies of Epirus and its traditional sweets and try the traditional cuisine.